Friday, 3 September 2010

New Members Day

Several years ago our branch of the DSWA realised that many new members only went to one training session ,joined the organisation but never came again to any event. To try to remedy this the committee decided to instigate an annual new members day . We invited each of the previous years crop of folk to a day of practice along with some of our more established wallers to help people to to get to know each other better. This Saturday we had our 5th one , this time at Camserney in Perthshire.

It was a great event with a fine section of wall built with some very large stones. Thanks are due to Bruce Forsyth, Stewart Hutt, Willie Shand, Grace Paterson, Eric Drummond, Janice McDonald, Rinaldo Kutteringand and Billy McCallum. In addition I have to add the thanks of us all to Archie Gibson for providing a good supply of rocks and fine food.
Next entry(7th September) shows how plants can be grown on top of a wall given the correct conditions.

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