Monday, 27 September 2010

Congress Outing

One of the excursions from the Congress was to Lower Winskill farm near Settle high up in the Yorkshire Dales. The ground had been farmed by Cistercian Monks in the middle ages before the dissolution (that strange double meaning which sounds so close to disillusion) of the monasteries by Henry Vlll . What was different about these walls built of limestone on bedrock in the 14th and 15th century was that they had no batter , they also had overhanging cope stones which may have been to prevent wolves reaching their sheep. The farm was bordered by extensive native woodland at the time.
The present farmer and archaeologist, Tom Lord, told us that for the lay monks work was a pleasure and a duty where time and material were not important factors. Changed days.
(Thanks to Tracey Blackwell for giving me some sound advice on this entry.)
The next Photos (27th September)were taken inside a disused slate quarry close to the Congress site.

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