Sunday, 15 August 2010

Pit in Glen Lyon

This pit shown to me by Tom Beels is situated close to an ancient track from Glen Lyon over to Rannoch. It is about 1/2 a metre in each side of a box with sloping interiors . The centre contained assorted bottles down to about 30cms.
I am advised by a local archaeologist that it is most likely to be a horse feeding box built in the middle ages. Date very difficult to establish.
The next entry is a set of steps by Scottish waller Jason Hoffman.

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Anonymous said...

This is a fascinating photo. I've never heard of the structure (I'm a descendant of several Glenlyon families from Innerwick, Carbanmor, Culdarbeg and Rusgich, and live in Australia - our family arrived here in 1839). Just when I thought I'd photographed and recorded every significant structure and stone in the glen! I'm not sure if you want to divulge the location - my guess is the old Innnerwick-Rannoch track.

Stewart. (South Australia)