Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Flash Flood Damage

This photo shows the effects of overgrazing when this is combined with poor maintenance and heavy rain. The ground cover has more or less been eaten away by a very high density of sheep. In addition the draining channels through the wall were not regularly cleaned out. Much of the stone from the wall was swept into the lower field.


Mac said...

when water damage occurs in a basement, crawlspace or other room, the homeowner simply wants a company that can get their home restored to the condition it was in before the damage. When it comes to water damage/removal and flood damage, your home is no different.

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Soledad Feigenbaum said...

One of the major reasons why flooding occurs is deforestation. Judging from the photo, the land wouldn’t suffer too much damage from flood if there were trees populating the area. Trees naturally absorb rainwater, and without their presence, the rain water will directly stream into an area and eventually cause flood.