Friday, 20 January 2012

Walls in Switzerland 2

The mountain tracks in this beautiful country are fantastic and must have required many years of dedicated struggles to achieve what we sometimes take for granted around the world.


Jennifer Tetlow said...

Thankyou for your note - and yes, of course you can post images of the heads. Actually, I'm shamed, I do not know a great deal about the heads except that they are built into the wall at The Grange in Lastingham. I will ask the owners if they can shed more light. They must have been brought in from somewhere else, perhaps one of the old monastaries locally - but let me find out and let you know.

Would be delighted for you to feature some of my work too - thankyou very much!

I'm so pleased to see your blog - I have just been looking at dry stone walls, as I am posting a blog about Sculpture and Dry Stone Walls as I would like to include some walling in the garden I am making at my sheds. I'm going to love exploring your blog.

norman haddow said...

Thanks Jennifer that is great .