Friday, 2 December 2011

Wall ends

There are many ways to build a cheek end of a wall. Normally in the UK there is an upright post for a gate , which means that the stonework has to be perpendicular. A single large rock with at least one third of it underground is a very satisfying way to achieve this. This example is in a field close to Auchterarder in Perthshire shows how to deal with a fence which does not continue from the wallend.
 The next few entries will show other ways of finishing a wall.


J Scott, Canada said...

Norman, for this time of wall end, does the walling stone simply terminate at the vertical stone or is there a proper cheek end behind it? In other words, if the big stone starts to lean outwards, does it affect the rest of the wall?

Norman said...

If one feels that the big stone is a permanent feature then there is no need to build a check end behind it. This one was well founded so I didnt. This is very different from a wooden post when one has to assume the wood will rot before the stone goes so then A proper check end is build behind but not touching.

J Scott said...

Thanks Norman, I suppose without an inner cheekend, this allows the walling stone to connect with the contour of the end stone... a nice way to end a wall! And knowing you, you will likely find the biggest stone from the top of highest peak, pulled through the most impossible landscape which then always falls right in place. I like it.