Sunday, 20 February 2011

Turf coping by Jason Hoffman

I have posted several of Jasons dry stone features in the past and this one shows the system of turf coping which was once quite common in the hill farms in the West of Scotland but now rarely seen . Usually the turf is either heather or a double layer of grass. The sods are cut much thicker than those normally provided for lawns. The lower layer is placed with the vegetation down which acts in the same way as a coverband. Often in a dry summer the grass will turn brown but will return to its fresh green whenever the rain arrives. Not a long wait in most parts of our country. To see more of Jason's projects go to

The next posting on 25th Feb. is a retaining wall by North American waller Russ Beardsley.


Jason Hoffman said...

Norman, to cope with the drier conditions in the east, I have placed a porous pipe between the layers of turf. During periods of low rainfall, the client can simply attach a hose to the wall, and water his turf.

Updates on the progress of the turf wall are here -
Jason, Stone Inspired.

Brasil said...

Great thinking its a good idea..