Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Capping the Dyke at Dolleriemuir

What a great finish to a wall. Angus and Caroline fitted on the last three cope stones after inserting a bottle with details of the build left as a message to the future. The neighbours and their families arrived to celebrate with suitable refreshments, sparklers, speeches and an amazing cake. The cake had been made with blocks of chocklate sponge and a coping of chocklate buttons. Each person was offered  delightful pieces of simulated stones.

Entry on 11th December relates to a sudden change at Dolleriemuir.


Blanche Haddow said...

I really love the dyke cake, it is brilliant.

tracey.blackwell said...

Great party. Also I like your spelling of the word chocolate much better than the more conventional version.

norman haddow said...

Thanks for the correction Tracey I thought about changing the spelling after your comment but actually I quite like my version and decided to keep it.