Sunday, 4 July 2010

Colourful Canadian Wall

As always the work of John Scott deserves special note. I attach some of his comments about the history of this fine artistic venture. His is a wall built with great skill and strong emotions following a breakup.
"Sometimes a fella has to think about life,himself,ethics---that's what country music is for. This wall was built, a few stones every night, in the dark, after attempts at resolving muted outbursts and perhaps after the companionship of a beer ---often too many.The stones were all rejected from other projects or replaced by stone dismantled and left on their own, to try to understand their sudden explosion from an otherwise comfortable bond. It is also made from stones my kids and I collected as we went on adventures, fishing trips and visits to grandmas and properties of people whom I hold dear to give it life, strength and balance. While the cheekend marks the end of a wall, it also signifies a strong and confident new beginning, bursting with colourful potential."


tracey.blackwell said...

It is certainly a beautiful wall. Like a book written in reverse, an ending, closure, then a beginning.
So glad you finally got this work finished John. Best. T

Blanche said...

What a lovely colourful wall and a 'lovely' story. That should inspire you Dad to build a memory wall. I love the Autumn leaf adding to the image of many colours.

Ann M said...

Lovely wall - poignant story. Nice work, John.