Friday, 11 June 2010

Water Has it's Way

During the reign of Queen Victoria a road was built along the North side of Loch Muick(pronounced Mick)on her Deeside estate. A wall stretched for several miles beside the road. Some very neat drains were set in with channels across under the surface . You can see from this photo where the original stream flowed down to the drainage point. About ten years ago the water had found a new route from a spring down to the road. I was asked to divert the flow back to it's original 19th century position. I did that but within another five years the water had "decided" to revert. Finally the estate have given up the struggle and put a new drain across the road.Both the courses still show and emphasise that when dealing with H2O the liquid has a mind of its own. Sometimes as humans we learn these lessons very slowly.


John Shaw-Rimmington said...

the water had "Deesided" to revert.

John Shaw-Rimmington said...
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norman haddow said...

Just for the record. I did not Delete any comment, perhaps someone has used a naughty word.