Sunday, 11 April 2010

Swiss Style

Before I visited Switzerland several years ago I had the usual mis-preconceptions about that Country. I imagined that everything was as the post cards neat and ordered. I thought that the dry stone walls would all be the same strictly coursed and blocky. This set of images shows that their stonework is as varied as anywhere else. I leave you to decide what you like best. But please do not fall into my bad habit of judging without knowing.
Big problems face the wallers in my next entry 15th April


John Shaw-Rimmington said...

Well said, Norman

Blanche said...

Well as I don't suppose I will be off for a visit anytime soon, then I will have to say that it has to be the massive, big, wild mountain wall, I love it. Was it not giants that built it?

tracey.blackwell said...

Great post Norman. I love them all:
1. Because its gruesome
2. Because its awesome
3. Because its handsome

Chris said...

What is the story of the wall built by giants?